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                                DISCOVERING THE FUTU​RE BY REVEALING THE PAST


A while back, I was snoopin' around in the attic of my Aunt Daisy (Hile) Hill's house. Located in Old New Castle, Delaware, this house’s tall and narrow silhouette was carved on the Delaware riverbank in 1679. The whispered tales of visits to this New Castle neighborhood of Masonic Generals George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and John Sullivan, paint a fine patina upon this century's old neighborhood. What I remember most about this house when growing-up, was the 3rd story attic bedroom that would stir to life after the sun went down. The walls hollered out commands in feint voices as flutters of light licked the whale’s teeth upon the shelves that made for a ghostly-looking dance. When I found that the feint voices and fluttering lights were from the ships sailing by on the Delaware River, well, I was relieved that I didn‘t need counseling after all. Anyway, stored away in old steamer trunks, appeared colonial and revolutionary family history upon handmade vellum paper folded beneath candlewax seals. Old photograph tintypes and family relics handed down over the centuries soon revealed themselves of which some appear within the images on this page. Within the following pages on this site are some of the stories found within those old steamer trunks that made America before, and after the United States was born. 

Published in Colonial Homes Magazine, September - October 1980. #8 The Strand was built in the 17th century and is known as the McWilliam House. 

Daisy Hile (Hill) - Scotland 1972

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