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Do not feel betrayed here. Do not feel duped, deceived, or lied to. The 1587 Lost Colony at Roanoke, and the 1607 Jamestown Colony were the Knight Templars and they were in hiding from their enemies. They did what they had to do to survive, just as we do what we must do to survive here. But they purposely left a trail of breadcrumbs of clues as to what really happened from Roanoke to Jamestown, and it's unlike ANYTHING you could have ever imagined. 


What is known, about the greatest poet of the English language that ever lived? Very, very, little. It is said that Shakespeare was one of eight children born into a family outside of London, England, in the town of Stratford upon the River Avon. It is unclear exactly the year Shakespeare was born. It is also unclear where William Shakespeare was educated. There are portrait pictures and bust carvings of Shakespeare. Above the entrance of Trinity Church in Stratford there is a bust carving said to be that of William Shakespeare, but that bust is said to have been made from the Darmstadt death mask. There are portrait pictures and other bust carvings of William Shakespeare but they all seem to differ from each other and this makes it difficult to make an exact identification of Shakespeare.  A gravestone at the Trinity Church in Stratford is said to be where William Shakespeare is buried, but there is no name even upon the gravestone only a message of warning: ??????????????????????????????????.   

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